Phi-Air SOLA

Rykende fersk vinge fra PHI! SOLA er den snilleste lettvekteren til PHI.


Nyhet! PHI SOLA (Lettvekt A)
«The SOLA: a low level A wing: maximum safety, damping and simplicity paired with minimum weight.
The SOLA has it’s roots in the FANTASIA, but finally was design absolutely new.
-different ground shape, cell with distribution, intake, diagonal ribs, etc
We spend some time improving takeoff behavior.
-never before launch was that easy!
As well we realized to the goal that it really fun to fly the SOLA and the performance is good!
-and it’s fast!: an absolute must in the high mountains!
-but why do I tell you stories like that?
You should never trust marketing bla bla bla!
Try it yourself!
You will have the chance to do so very soon!
The certification tests for the Sizes 18, 22 and 24 have already been finished.
The production is starting now: orders are already accepted.
Like the bigger sister VIOLA, the SOLA has extended weight ranges.
Compared to the VIOLA, the SOLA is all-around easier and roll damping is much better.
All lines are covered, the rods in the leading edge are stronger and the profiles cut from the robust Skytex 40.
As usual, you can trust the exceptionally high safety level which is a trademark of our wings!
As you know, our test pilots are very experienced and critical!
Thanks to Mike Küng, Benni Hörburger and Pascal Purin for their excellent work!
The new riser R10: for a better overview and comfort.
The weight of the wing of course depends on the chosen riser.
The SOLA can be ordered with the superlight RZ1 with softlinks, if you want to reach minimum weight.
Hannes Papesh