Yster SUP 14’x 28″ Naked Carbon


Yster SUP. Brettene for de som vil ha et håndlaget kvalitetsprodukt. Brettene er designet i Norden for nordiske forhold. Her snakker vi om fjordens «Koenigsegg.»

Med en skarp høy V-formet nose, Yster SUP 14″ x 28″ Naked Carbon er laget for å gli effektivt igjennom vannet med eksepsjonell retningsstabilitet.

«Yster SUP 14’x 28″ Naked Carbon is streamlined with optimized water flow characteristics and combines outstanding acceleration with high speeds.»

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Endelig er YsterSUP klar for det norske markedet!

SUP 14’x 28″ Naked Carbon

Streamlined with optimized water flow characteristics.

Yster SUP 14’x 28″ Naked Carbon is a handmade coastal SUP board with a rocker line totally adapted to Northern flat water conditions. We have combined the hull design with a negative nose and a large single center 10″ fin into a streamlined SUP board with outstanding water flow characteristics and superior directional stability. Compared to conventional all-round SUP boards the difference becomes apparent in windy conditions and choppy seas. The high 7-inch nose and voluminous front effectively keep the board above the surface when paddling downwind and into the wind with head on waves.
Voluminous SUP boards can become heavy as it takes a lot of material to make a large board. Since our boards are designed in 100% carbon fiber, we have managed to make them both lightweight yet strong and rigid.

The standing area is concave to bring down the paddler’s center of gravity. This significantly increases the stability, especially at standstill or at low speeds. 

The bottom deck of Yster SUP 14’x 28″ Naked Carbon is double concave to provide perfect water flow at the middle section of the board. The rear rails are designed to provide both stability and maneuverability. The tail lift combined with the square shape of the tail give a perfect water flow release to maximize the glide of the board in flat waters.

The individually handwritten serial number in front of the fin box make every SUP-board unique.


  • Yster SUP 14’x 28″ Naked Carbon
  • 10” single center-fin
  • Gore ® Tex Vent plug
  • Design: Carbon fiber sandwich
  • Length: 14″ (427 cm)
  • Width: 28″ (71.1 cm)
  • Height: 7″ (17.8 cm)
  • Weight: 12.5 kg
  • Fin: Single 10″